ENUSA and ENSA show their technological strengths in China

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The two public companies hold meetings in China to strengthen commercial relations with the Asian country and seek areas of collaboration, taking advantage of the strong momentum of its nuclear program, which continues with the construction of four new nuclear power plants.
José Vicente Berlanga, president of ENUSA and David Gomila, president of ENSA, have been received by the vice president of the CGN and member of the Chinese government. At the meeting, the interest of the CGN group and Spanish companies in strengthening the collaboration that began years ago in different management areas, in which Spanish companies are world leaders, was ratified.

A delegation from ENUSA and ENSA led by their respective presidents, José Vicente Berlanga and David Gomila, accompanied by members of their management teams, Roberto González Villegas and Rafael Triviño, have visited China to hold meetings at the highest level with the Chinese nuclear sector.

It is necessary to highlight the importance of the Chinese nuclear program, with five new reactors coming into operation in 2019, after the eight that were commissioned in 2018, with 10 new reactors currently under construction, and with the recent authorization for the construction of four new ones. reactors. All this implies new needs in relation to fuel production, which will most likely require new factories for both the CNNC group and the CGN group.

The large Chinese nuclear companies see the Spanish homonymous ENUSA and ENSA as preferential partners in their activities to develop the Chinese nuclear program and in the export of these companies abroad.

The Spanish representatives were received by the vice president of the CGN and member of the Chinese government, who confirmed the Group's interest in strengthening the collaboration that began with Spanish public nuclear companies years ago in the areas of spent fuel management, service provision, development of equipment and the expansion to fuel design and manufacturing, dismantling and participation in joint R&D&i activities. The CGN Group is the largest nuclear operator in China and the third largest in the world.

The CGN group is interested in ENUSA being able to help with the implementation of its long-awaited fuel factory, for which they have already requested construction authorization at the Yiangjian site.

Therefore, important expectations are opening up for the Spanish nuclear industry, not only in the fuel cycle or in the development of technology, but also in the digitalization process initiated by the Chinese nuclear sector, and in which Spain is a reference, as a result of the intense work started more than a decade ago by the Spanish nuclear industry in the digitalization of its processes to improve the quality and safety of its products. In this way, the Chinese nuclear sector tries to catch up with other industrial sectors in its country, which have already made important advances in this matter.

During this visit, we took the opportunity to visit several locations where Chinese companies operate.

ENUSA has had the opportunity to visit the CNNC group factory in Yibin, operated by the CNNC group company CJNF. ENUSA has been collaborating with this company for several years, a collaboration that has resulted in the supply of various production quality control equipment, and with whom there are opportunities to extend this collaboration to improve its facilities in the near future through support in the layout of its new factory in the Yibin area, and for which it has already requested authorization.

Throughout their stay in the Asian country, both companies have held meetings with the SNPEC engineering of the Chinese nuclear group SPIC, in charge of the execution and operation of the AP-1000 design reactors located in Sanmen and Haiyang, which has highlighted the great work done by Ensa in the supply of Steam Generators for Sanmen and in which it has expressed its firm intention to collaborate in the future with both Spanish public companies.

For its part, ENSA visited the Sanmen site, the first Ap-1000 design plant that has come into operation. During this visit, the president of the Operator, Mr. Miao Yaming, expressed his gratitude to ENSA for the services provided by the Spanish public company with the supply of the steam generators. Mr. Miao also expressed his desire to extend this collaboration to the supply of equipment for phases 2 and 3 of the Sanmen project.

On the other hand, ENUSA has taken the opportunity to extend until 2023 its representation agreement with its agent in China, NUTECH, responsible for identifying the needs of the Chinese nuclear industry, and which has facilitated these meetings with the Chinese nuclear sector that are translate into important commercial expectations for the Spanish company. An agreement that has been signed following the strict Compliance standards of the public company, which ensures the transparency and legal security of commercial transactions with third countries.